Split is my first full length graphic novel. You can download it or read it by clicking on the "cover" below.

The comic is basically a speculative story. Our hero, Tom Genneros, is at work one day, when a coworker, Frank Gerhardt, comes in with a gun and begins to shoot people at random. After Frank corners Tom in the bathroom, the story splits in two--on the left hand pages we follow what would have happened had Tom been shot and then recovered. On the right hand pages, we follow what would have happened had Tom gotten the gun away from Frank and killed him instead.

The book is in PDF format, so you'll need Adobe Reader to view it. You can download this program for free at: www.adobe.com/products/reader.html

Because Split contains one story on the left hand pages, and one story on the right hand pages, I'd recommend that you read this comic with a two-page display. For most computers, you'll have to download the file and then open it in Reader to have access to the page view tools. (To download, right click on the link, or control-click if you have a Mac.)