You can read my graphic novel, Scavengers of Ixonia here. You can also download a PDF of the entire thing. As the file size is quite large, I’ve put up two versions, one at 150 dpi, and one at 96 dpi.

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Scavengers of Ixonia

Chapter 1 in which Eric Hammersley arrives in the town of Ixonia

pp 1-7

Chapter 2 in which Eric Hammersley begins a new job

pp 8-12

Chapter 3 in which the Ixonia Science Museum acquires a new collection

pp 13-21

Chapter 4 in which Eric has coffee with Aaron and water with his landlady's daughter

pp 22-30

Chapter 5 in which Eric makes a mistake

pp 31-38

Chapter 6 in which Eric misses an opportunity

pp 39-51

Chapter 7 in which Tuyet is late for work

pp 52-61

Chapter 8 in which Eric accompanies Aaron, Patrice, and Mara on a scavenging expedition

pp 62-71

Chapter 9 in which Tuyet is fired, and life goes on

pp 72-85

Chapter 10 in which Eric has trouble with Ruth, and Tuyet joins the scavenging party

pp 86-104

Chapter 11 in which Tuyet asks Eric for a favor, and Eric and Elizabeth commit adultery

pp 105-118

Chapter 12 in which Eric and Elizabeth find their trysting place trashed, and Eric and Tuyet join the scavengers again

pp 119-140

Chapter 13 in which the tension between Eric and Ruth boils over, and the scavenging party shrinks

pp 141-157

Chapter 14 in which in which Eric, Tuyet and Aaron visit an empty house

pp 158-176

Chapter 15 in which Eric’s frustrations mount, and a scavenging expedition goes awry

pp 177-202

Chapter 16 in which the story ends

pp 203-228